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War Zones: The Cities
I. G.

About the Book

In Detroit, children who run away from home are exposed to war zones in the streets. There, dangerous, violent elements lurk; drug deals continue, which have now reached even schools and suburbs.

I. G.

About the Author

I. G. has travelled over the US for fifty years, acquiring insight as to how information in the past has its consequences in the present and its potential impact on the future. As a graduate of the school of hard knocks and having finished a four-year college course, he traces historical deaths of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy (who were men of peace—passionate about putting a stop to the war, killings, and violence) to the reasons of the continuing war (on the inner cities) which has started penetrating the suburban schools and towns throughout America. He explains how the innocent are getting caught up and are pleading, “Please, put an end to it.”


“Okay, so let’s see if I can get you to your uncle’s house.” Driving through the streets of Detroit’s inner city was like trying to find your way through a battleground. Many of these houses in the neighborhoods were abandoned, rundown in shambles, burned out, or completely decimated.”

“All genders, colors, creeds, ethnic groups, religions, and lack of religions were accepted, with the only requirement being a desire to get their lives together and earning your keep with hard work.”

“By noon the next day, they released all but three charged with the officer’s killing. It wasn’t until after my release they found out I had a warrant out for me from that incident in Memphis right after Dr. King was shot on April 4, 1968….”

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